Wills and Probate

Do you need a will?

There is no guarantee that your assets will go to those you want to receive them. A surviving spouse may not inherit everything, your family home may need to be sold, and your children may not inherit anything.

All that can be avoided easily. Just contact us to begin the process of creating your will.

Straightforward legal advice

Dealing with legal procedures alone can make difficult times even harder. Let us help you. We can take on the legal work and allow you to focus on what matters: your family and friends.

We’ll ensure the writing and administration of wills, trusts and probate applications are dealt with correctly. This will minimize any fuss, and make the whole process easy so that your legal matters don’t make solemn times worse.

Writing a Will

Planning for the future is essential. A will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever make.

It determines to whom and under what conditions your assets will be delegated. It ensures your legacy, financial and otherwise, goes where you would want it to go. We’ll assist you in the process of writing your will, giving you straightforward advice that is both practical and considerate.

Are you the executor of a will?

Have you been named executor? It’s advisable to speak to a legal advisor to better understand the procedures that follow. You’ll first need to apply for a Grant of Probate. You’ll need to know the value and extent of the estate, ensure that any inheritance tax is paid, pay all debts, and distribute the remaining estate according to the will.

You are legally bound to carry out any duties properly, so it’s best to have an expert on-hand to ensure everything is done as it should be.
"I take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the manner in which you settled my late wife’s estate and the kindness and understanding shown to both my daughter and myself during this stressful time."
– John Denby
Do you want to get the process started? It’s easy. 
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