Gambling and Alcohol

Alcohol and gambling licensing

If you’re looking to start trading alcohol on your property or open up for gambling, then you’ll need to take steps to get a licence. At Drysdales Solicitors LLP, we can guide you through the finer points of gambling law and alcohol licensing, making it easy for you to apply.

Our licensing department

To help you get the licensing that you need, our licensing department is able to assist with all aspects of alcohol, regulated entertainment and gambling law throughout England and Wales. If you’re the proprietor of an establishment that is making its first steps towards approval for a licence, we will be able to offer you an easy to follow path from application to approval.

What we can help you get a license for:

  • Off licences
  • Public houses
  • Restaurants
  • Members clubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Betting offices
  • Casinos
  • Online gambling sites
Need to get fully licensed and not sure where to
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