Employment Law

Employment law experts

At Drysdales Solicitors LLP we are committed to assisting employers and employees alike with comprehensive legal services. Whether you’re an employer needing employment contracts to be prepared or you require assistance with a grievance, disciplinary procedures or equal opportunities issues, we will help.

Professionalism for the business world

When you come to us for advice regarding employment law, we will deal with any issues that you bring to us in a practical and professional manner.
  • For employers, we are able to help you to manage your workforce effectively handling situations in which employees are at fault or have committed a breach of contract
  • For employees, we offer an opportunity for you to do something about employers who you feel are infringing your rights, whether it be through unfair dismissal, discrimination or any other claim.
Regardless of your situation, we are here to negotiate a course of action that will resolve the issue with your needs in mind.

What our team can help you with:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Settlement agreements (previously known as compromise agreements)
  • Discrimination
  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Disciplinary and grievance policies
  • Employment handbooks
"Should I ever be asked to recommend a solicitor you can rest assured I will be recommending yours and Drysdales’ services."
– Simon Woodward
Are you embroiled in an employment dispute?
Our team can help both sides,
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