Child law

Giving security to your child

At Drysdales Solicitors LLP we understand that there’s nothing more important than a happy childhood. These formative years, built out of childhood experiences, go on to create and define the adult that we eventually become.

In particular, parenting forms the greatest impression of all on a young mind, so it is vital to receive clear advice when it comes to child law.

Helping you to understand child law

To help you give your children the best that you can, we take care to offer you sound legal advice at every step. Whether you want to try to agree arrangements for your child or are involved in court proceedings, we will ensure that you are well advised, arming you with the information that you need to make the right choices.

What child law can we advise you on?

  • Residence (custody)
  • Contact (access)
  • Specific issues (for example, disagreements over holidays)
  • Parental responsibility
"I am very grateful to all professional help and essential advice from Cathy Bannister and the support given to me throughout my case and a really great result."
- Jana Farrell
Get the advice you need to secure your child’s 
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